The Best Action Movies of the Last 10 Years

Last 10 Years Action Movies

Guardians of the Galaxy

2014/Adventure, Action/USA

An action movie with a pronounced comedic beginning. Space pirate Peter Quill finds a valuable artifact that he must deliver to the powerful and ruthless villain, Ronan. Fleeing from Ronan’s pursuit, Quill teams up with several lone warriors. Unlike the images of tough guys. We are used to the company of the Guardians of the Galaxy looking more than ridiculous: a walking humanoid tree, a genetically modified talking raccoon, green-skinned Gamora, wrestler Drax the Destroyer, and Peter Quill. And who looks like Han Solo and Indiana Jones at the same time, while constantly attracting trouble and getting into absurd alterations?

“Guardians of the Galaxy” after the premiere was met with restrained reviews from serious critics and friendly exclamations from the teenage audience, which the picture was designed for.

Edge of Tomorrow

2014/Adventure, Action/USA

The Earth has been attacked by aliens, and the governments of major powers are forced to join forces to resist the enemy. Every soldier counts. However, the US Army spokesman, ordinary office worker William Cage, abandoned in the epicenter of hostilities in Normandy, dies in the first battle. Caught in a time loop, he will fall into the same day and again live a mortal fight. So, thanks to Groundhog Day, Cage’s peaceful back-line and klutz turn into the invincible universal soldier that Tom Cruise viewers are used to seeing. The film was released exactly on the anniversary of the Allied landings in Normandy by director Doug Liman. A big fan of war films, he did not hide the fact that the landing of earthlings in Normandy repeats a similar event during the Second World War.


2010/Comedy, Crime, Action/USA

RED stands for Retired, Extremely Dangerous. A former CIA special agent was attacked. Since, having successfully finished the offenders, he goes to look for the customers of the crime. So, on the way, Moses picks up his girlfriend (an employee of the pension fund call center) and former partner, who is peacefully living out his life in a nursing home. Needless to say, the friend also turns out to be a retired CIA special agent, and the beloved is a former sniper from MI6, and they will have to fight with an elderly paranoid who has equipped an underground bunker for himself and hides lethal weapons in a soft pink pig.

RED is a film in which the team of superheroes of the past in the person of Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Morgan Freeman, and Helen Mirren make it clear to the younger generation. The “pensioners” still had gunpowder in their powder flasks and their signature exquisite self-irony. And despite the fact that there are no fewer shooters and corpses in it than in DOOM, RED remains an exemplary action comedy.

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