The Best Five Ghost Movies of All Time

Best Ghost Movies

Paranormal Activities

2007/Thriller, Horror, Mystery/USA

A young married couple, Kathy and Mikka, are moving into a new home. It would seem that they have everything to be happy, but the regularity and harmony are violated by extraneous steps that the girl hears at night. The husband decides to purchase a video camera to capture what is happening. In the very first recording, someone’s stomp is clearly heard. The couple invites a psychic to their house. After examining two floors, he says that what is happening is not in his competence, since it is not a spirit, but a demon. The paranormal specialist leaves, leaving Kathy and Mikka alone with the evil of the universe.


2010/Thriller, Horror, Mystery/USA

Josh and Renee move into a new house with their kids, but before they can properly unpack, something strange starts to happen around them. Objects move inexplicably, and strange sounds are heard in the nursery … But all this is nothing compared to the fact that their ten-year-old son Dalton falls into a coma, and the doctors are unable to help him. Trying to figure out what is happening, Josh and Rene turn to specialists in paranormal phenomena and soon discover a terrible truth for themselves: their son has an extraordinary ability to enter the astral plane from early childhood, but when he leaves his body, evil spirits try to take possession of him.


1998/Horror, Mystery/Japan

Frightening events take place in the city, the origin of which is trying to find the girl reporter Reiko Asakawa. We are talking about a deadly cassette, after watching which people die. As soon as the victim inspects the terrible footage, a bell rings in the house. An unknown person says on the phone that she will be gone in seven days. The niece of the main character also dies a terrible death, and therefore she has no choice but to walk the path of the dead herself and find out what the secret is.

Ghost Stories

2017/Drama, Horror/UK

The protagonist of the film, Professor Goodman, has dedicated his life to exposing charlatans who allegedly have a connection with the supernatural world. But one day, he receives a message from the other world, which tells him about three people: a night watchman, a teenager, and a businessman. Now that Goodman has acquired new goals, he is turning from an outside observer into an active participant in events. He has only three riddles to solve, but will he survive?

Crimson Peak

2015/Drama, Fantasy, Horror/USA

The action of the picture takes place in 1901 in a mansion located on a slope, which in winter is covered with blood-colored snow. There is a strict rule here: never go down into the basement. Since, one day, a young writer named Edith Cushing comes here, writing ghost stories and trying to get rid of the psychological trauma she received in childhood. However, unable to resist the visiting stranger, Thomas Sharp, she marries him and settles in a mysterious house with him and his sister Lucille. Finding the building haunted, Edith decides to try to solve the mystery surrounding this cursed place.

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