Best Hollywood Movies of June 2021

Hollywood Movies of June

Archipelago (2021) (Russia)

Duration: 100 min.

Back in the 6th century BC, Pythagoras assumed that our planet has a spherical shape and that the theory of a flat earth was standing on three giant elephants. Those, in turn, on a huge turtle plowing the endless ocean do not have solid support. However, for three hundred years until the end of the 19th century AD, scientists continued to argue and speculate about its exact size and shape. And in order to finally answer this question, a joint Russian-Swedish expedition to Svalbard was organized, led by the young astronomer Alexander Vasiliev. For her sake, he leaves his bride in St. Petersburg, realizing that life may not give him a second chance.

Director Alexei Telnov undertook to show the feats of Russian scientists on the big screens of the country. He, together with Mikhail Malakhov, wrote the script for the film. The cast includes Dmitry Palamarchuk, Marina Petrenko, Andrey Merzlikin, Alexei Shevchenko, Sergei Tarkovsky, Vladimir Kosmidailo, and others available from June 10th.

Cruella (2021) (US)

Duration: 134 min.

During the pandemic, we have already forgotten about Disney’s desire to make live-action adaptations of literally all of its classic cartoons. But ” Cruella” stands apart because it’s still an original film that tells the story of the formation of the antagonist ” 101 Dalmatians”. Yes, and trying to get out for ten years now. The first announcement was just in 2011. How did it happen that a simple girl got her own estate with servants, hated the Dalmatians, and became obsessed with fur coats? This is what the new Disney film will tell us about. Many have compared the film to the studio’s attempt to keep up with the success of the Joker movie, but that’s certainly not the case. Information about

Emma Stone appeared six months before the release of the WB film. And filming was completed a month after the premiere of ” Joker”. Accordingly, to believe that the sensational film somehow influenced the image of Cruella is at least naive. Either way, Emma Stone, no matter what role, deserves to go to the movies. Since, and who is more convincing as the villain who has gone-she or Margot Robbie-we will see on June 3?!

The Conjuring 3: By the Will of the Devil (2021) (US)

Duration: 134 min.

The movie ” Saw: Spiral” has not yet ended, as the horror film from the MCU “The Conjuring” (it also contains “Annabelle’s Curse” and ” The Nun’s Curse”).

“Ghost Hunters,” produced by New Line Cinema, is about various paranormal phenomena that the ghost hunters, Lorraine and Ed Warren, are investigating. However, the plots of the films were based on real incidents in which the name of the devil appeared, and all this caused a certain resonance in society. This part will be devoted to the trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson, who committed the murder. So, this trial is notable in that the defense tried to prove the innocence of the defendant, based on the fact that their ward was possessed by a demon and did not know what he was doing.

Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson return to their roles. Michael Chavez will take the director’s chair, and the director of the previous two series, James Wan, will perform production duties. For all fans of this franchise and everything paranormal in general, it is recommended for viewing! In cinemas on June 10th.

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