The Best Movies About Music and Musicians

Musicians Movies

“Amadeus, 1984 (USA)

Despite the title, the story is based on the life drama of Salieri. Since his childhood he has dreamed of praising peace, faith and love in music, but at the same time rumours of an unprecedented genius – the little Mozart – are spreading in society. Even then Salieri begins to quietly hate the future great composer and one day their paths are bound to cross…

“Immortal Beloved”, 1994. (UK, USA)

The bewitching film opens the curtain on Ludwig van Beethoven’s true love story and convincingly proves the simple truth that great people have feelings no less great or deeper than their talent. Incidentally, Harry Oldman, who plays the role of the composer, himself mused on screen: the piano is his hobby.

“Obsession”, 2013 (USA)

One of the 2015 Oscar nominees in the category “Best Film” has already managed to win the favor of the audience. The plot is straightforward and compelling – revealing how the path to perfection is thorny. Through pain, suffering, humiliation and loneliness has to pass the main character Andrew, who dreams of becoming a great drummer. But there’s no other way, because his desire has turned into an obsession.

“Paganini: The Devil’s Violinist”, 2013. (Germany, Italy)

Director Bernard Rose abandoned the idea of making a biopic and instead made a mystical film about the price of success. The story shows an episode from the life of Nicolo Paganini, who conquered the world and sold his soul to the devil for it. No unknown facts about the violinist’s life are revealed here, for the drama’s protagonist is music.

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