The Best Movies That Predicted the Future

Best Future Movies

I, Robot

2004/Drama, Crime, Action/USA

Another picture, the basis for the plot of which was the works of the science fiction writer Isaac Asimov, in this case. In the cycle of stories “The Three Laws of Robotics”, the protagonist of the film, police officer Del Spooner (Will Smith), is investigating a murder that the investigation believes was committed by a robot. This seems impossible because, according to the main law, robots cannot not only kill people but even threaten them with death. That is, if this really happened, humanity is in great danger because it would be very difficult to resist artificial intelligence in this case.

Initially, the script of I, Robot had nothing to do with the Three Laws of Robotics series. However, at some point, the producers bought the film rights to Asimov’s work, and screenwriter Akiva Goldsman was tasked with crossing it with the existing script.

I Am Mother

2019/Fantasy, Thriller/Australia

The heroes of this picture are the daughter and the mother, who are not blood relatives. Everything is complicated in this world because the daughter is a representative of a new generation of humanity. The Mother is a kind-hearted robot programmed to restore the human population on an extinct planet. The film takes place during a world war that is decimating humanity. A robot in an underground bunker raised a daughter from a human embryo. One day, she finds out that it was artificial intelligence that was responsible for the disaster.

Director Grant Spector said that he wanted to show what place people will take in the world in conditions when technology outgrows humanity. I wanted to study the relationship between humanity and high technology impartially, without drawing the image of bloodthirsty terminators who seek to eradicate the human race. I was more interested in the forces that inseparably bind machines and people.

By and large, the film is about how we strive to become better than we really are, and how we build a healthy community. In the era of smart machines, science fiction writers must go beyond thinking about “what it means to be human.” Much more important is the question “what does it mean to be human?”

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