The Best Musical Movies to Watch With Your ParentsĀ 

Best Musical Movies

“Rewriting Beethoven”, 2006. (USA, Germany, Hungary)

This remarkable film marks an important period in Beethoven’s life – the composer’s Ninth Symphony. The film is not an exact biography, but tells the story through the eyes of Anna Holtz, a student at the Vienna Conservatoire. And it tells the story not just of the birth of a famous composition, but of the intimate and beautiful world of music. The climax of the great composer’s performance is worth nothing!

“The Legend of the Pianist”, 1998 (Italy)

The legend tells the story of a musician who manages to live his whole life on board a ship without ever leaving it. But from such a life, seemingly in restrictions, he managed to get more joy than people who lived all their lives on land. After all, he lived the life he wanted to live – free. Because, For a couple of hours, the film envelops the viewer in an enchantingly unparalleled atmosphere, story and music. And the Golden Globe Award for Best Soundtrack is proof of that.

“You Never Dreamed”, 1980. (USSR)

This first love story set in those distant Soviet times reminds one of Shakespeare’s familiar Romeo and Juliet. Except that here the heroes are called Roman and Katya. Their relationship is to be carried through the hardships and obstacles created by their own parents. Since, as the story develops, the spectator understands that the young protagonists’ parents don’t understand their own lives either. Maybe it’s because their destinies were once reversed by adults who think they know what’s right?

“Boom”, 1980 (France)

Both the previous film and Boom are probably familiar to many. Although Like all teenagers, the main character dreams of first love, parties, boyfriends and kisses. But what makes her sad is the lack of understanding from her parents who are not interested in her worries because they have a whole heap of problems themselves. It’s a movie for all ages and no one can stay indifferent after watching it.

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