The Best Scariest Horror Movies of All Time

Best Scariest Horror Movies

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

2021/Crime, Thriller, Horror/USA

The Conjuring 3: At the Will of the Devil, which became the third film in the Conjuring series and the eighth in the Conjuring cinematic universe (which also includes the films of Annabelle, The Nun, and The Curse of the Weeping series). Events unfold again against the backdrop of the activities of paranormal hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren. The film was based on a true story in 1981 about a criminal who claimed that at the time of the murder he was possessed by the devil. Now his fate depends on the investigation of the four demonologists.

The director of the first two parts of The Conjuring, James Wan, gave up his chair in the third film to Michael Chavez (who directed The Curse of the Weeping Woman) because of other projects but remained the producer of the picture. In an interview, he said that there could be more films in the Conjuring series because “the Warrens had a lot of stories.”

A Quiet Place 2

2020/Thriller, Horror/USA

After the death of the father of the family, his family, with a newborn baby, is trying to survive on the land captured by monsters. Now other heroes appear in their world: a neighbor, a group of crazy survivors, and an entire settlement that managed to escape. The second part of the successful horror hit of 2018 has become larger and louder—family members are forced to leave their shelter, there are more heroes, and, consequently, more noise and screamers too. This is no longer a chamber family horror but a real action movie with elements of a horror film, chases, and action scenes that make viewers shrink in their chairs.

Film critics often left cool reviews about the film, emphasizing a weak script (the screenwriters of the first film did not take part in the new project. The script was written by John Krasinski himself), but at the top of the audience voting, “A Quiet Place 2” was confidently in the lead-perhaps.

Saint Maud


Closest to the top three is one of the most striking debuts of recent years-the religious body horror “Savior” (in the original “Saint Maud”). The main character, Nurse Maud, works as a nurse for a dancer who is dying of cancer. The last months before his death, the former star spends them in accordance with his past bohemian lifestyle: mornings begin with brandy and cigarettes; noisy parties in the evening; and nights in the arms of a young mistress. The fanatically religious Maud tries to save her “lost” soul while simultaneously torturing her mind with conversations with God and disfiguring her own body in religious ecstasy.

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