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2019 / Thriller, Crime, Drama / USA

The events of the film comic take place in 1981. Loser comedian Arthur Fleck lives with his mother, works as a clown in a small agency, and dreams of recognition. However, the problem is that Arthur suffers from a frightening neurological disease – he can start laughing at the most inopportune moment (the thing is that Arthur sometimes cannot control himself). One day, a gang of hooligans attack him and beat him severely. After that, Fleck decides to stop fighting his illness and takes to the streets of Gotham, which he hates.

Black Panther

2018 / Adventure, Action, Sci-Fi / USA

The events of the movie comic take place after the film Captain America: Civil War: Prince T’Challa, who received the legendary Black Panther costume, returns home to the African country of Wakanda. However, Deprived of his father in a terrorist attack, a young man finds himself in mortal danger as factions in his country challenge his right to the throne. In addition to this, two enemies threaten to wipe this African state, known for the unique metal Vibranium (from which Captain America’s shield is made), from the face of the Earth. Now, in order to prevent a World War, T’Challa will have to team up with CIA agent Everett Ross, as well as members of the royal guard of Wakanda.

Batman Begins

2005 / Adventure, Action / USA, UK

As a child, Bruce Wayne loses his parents and becomes the heir to a huge fortune. Having matured, he goes to the East, where he is trained by a wise mentor and finds peace of mind. Many years later, Bruce returns home. Organized crime rules in Gotham City – keep the whole city in fear. Since, Having found a sample of a protective suit in the basement of his mansion, Bruce decides to fight the bandits on his own. This is how Batman is born – a defender, a hero, and a fighter for justice.

Superman Returns

2006 / Adventure, Action / USA

Superman returned to Earth, where everything has changed beyond recognition. So, People are used to living without a hero, and his beloved Lois Lane has arranged her life perfectly. And only sworn enemy Lex Luthor is going to confront Superman again. Nevertheless, the hero is ready to defend the Earth and its inhabitants.

Avengers: Endgame

2019 / Action, Adventure, Fantasy / USA

After Thanos got all six Infinity Stones at the end of Infinity War and snapped his fingers, half the population of the known universe crumbled to dust. Now, in order to defeat Thanos, the surviving Avengers will have to come up with a new cunning plan. Tony Stark, who escaped the fate of Loki thanks to Doctor Strange, will become the main support for a desperate detachment of heroes.

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