The Five Best Horror Films About Ghosts

Horror Films About Ghosts

El orfanato

2007 / Documentary / Mexico, Spain

Laura’s childhood years were spent in an orphanage located on the seashore. Educators replaced her parents, and instead of brothers and sisters, she had classmates. Thirty years later, Laura returns to the house where she spent her childhood, but with her seven-year-old son and husband. The woman dreams of restoring the orphanage. However, not everything goes as we would like. Something strange is happening to her son: from a meek and obedient child, he turns almost into a monster with cruel fantasies. Laura is sure that the reason for this is the old house, and a threat comes from it.

The Woman in Black

2012/Drama, Fantasy, Horror

What trouble does the gloomy silhouette of a young woman in a black robe portend in a cemetery? Perhaps this is a ghost that came to take your immortal soul. Since then, by the will of fate, a young lawyer finds himself in an abandoned village in which something is clearly going on. Inhospitable locals, a strange abandoned house on the island, and mysterious stories about a woman in black all frighten and, at the same time, arouse the interest of Arthur Kipps. After a series of terrible and sudden deaths, he takes on the solution of the terrible secret of a ghost, the appearance of which promises grief to everyone and everyone.

The Others

2001 / Thriller, Horror, Mystery / USA, Spain, France, Italy

In a huge mansion where a young woman, Grace Stewart, lives with her two children, mysterious events take place: first, all the servants disappear without a trace, and then a thick fog descends on the estate. From time to time, The Other’s sounds are heard in the house, and new servants who have come out of nowhere behave quite suspiciously: they say that they came from a job advertisement, although it was not published. Who are they and what do they need from the young mistress and her children?

The Conjuring

2013 / Thriller, Horror, Mystery / USA

The movie is based on real events. Ed and Lorraine Warren are paranormal investigators, enthusiasts who fight otherworldly spirits in an age when no one believes in them. The Perron family moves into a new home located on a remote farm and discovers that someone else is living there. However, doors suddenly slam, cold and the smell of rot are felt, and children see incomprehensible reflections in the mirrors. On the body of the hostess of the house, bruises appear from somewhere. The family turns to the Warrens for help…

The Grudge

2004/Thriller, Horror, Mystery

American nurse Karen Davis moves to Tokyo and encounters an evil spirit there. This vengeful ghost possesses its victims and kills them. Shortly after moving in, unexplained tragedies begin to occur all around Karen, with the curse passing from victim to victim. Karen needs to find a way to break the curse before it destroys her too.

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