The 5 Best Movies for Family To Watch Online

Best Family Movies

Peaceful Warrior, USA, Germany 2006

Dan Millman is talented, reckless and attractive. Peaceful Warrior has a dream to compete in the Olympics. But his world changes the moment he meets an enigmatic stranger who becomes his wise counselor and fair teacher, while also revealing a new world of strength and understanding. Based on true story!

The Karate Kid USA, 2010

However, A Teenage boy Daniel and his mother move to China and are confronted with harsh reality in their new environment. So, to protect himself and gain credibility. He is forced to learn martial arts under the tutelage of a wise teacher played by an inimitable Jackie Chan.

The Last Airbender USA, 2010

Since, A film about a young airbender named Aang in the fantasy world of which Asian art, mythology and various styles of martial arts are closely intertwined. Interesting fact – Noah Ringer, the performer of Aang, got the lead role for the film by casting online. So, (He sent a video of his taekwondo performance to DVD and was approved).

Real Steel USA, 2011

The story of a famous robot-fighting promoter who unexpectedly discovers the existence of his eleven-year-old son. Since, the story unfolds in the not too distant future and tells of a father’s humanity and true affection for his son. The ability to find the strength to recognize it. Warning – the film is recommended for children over 13!

Mr. Popper’s Penguins USA 2011

However, Six charming, spontaneous, positive and unbelievably prolific penguins would melt anyone’s heart. A turn upside down the life of even such an impenetrable miserable businessman as Mr Popper, played by the brilliant comedian Jim Carrey.

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