The Five Most Spectacular Space Films

There are The Five Most Spectacular Space Films online. Space is a terrific location for movies, whether the action takes place in our galaxy or one that is very, very far away. But in which space movies really go beyond the stars?

“Interstellar”, 2014 (USA, UK, Canada)

"Interstellar", 2014 (USA, UK, Canada)

The Spectacular Space Movies tell the story of our planet, which is in a food crisis due to environmental disasters. A team of researchers and scientists set out on a journey into space to transcend humanity’s previous limitations and resettle. It’s on another planet.

“2001: A Space Odyssey,” 1968. (USA, UK)

"2001: A Space Odyssey," 1968. (USA, UK)

Stanley Kubrick’s excellent film, which, like Interstellar, once won an Oscar for Best Visual Effects. Because the film tells the story of two spaceship captains who are tasked with investigating him. The nature of an unidentified alien artifact But they have no idea what they’ll be facing and what questions they’ll have to find answers to.

“Inferno,” 2007 (UK, USA)

"Inferno," 2007 (UK, USA)

The not-too-distant future year of 2057 is in danger as the sun fades. So, a team in a spaceship must restart the giant luminary by delivering a nuclear device. This drama is not just a spectacular space movies about saving the Earth as such, but a spellbinding tale of choice. A situation of desperation and doom for humanity.

“Gravity,” 2013 (USA, UK)

"Gravity," 2013 (USA, UK)

The film is worth seeing not only because of the mesmerizing space scenery but also because of Sandra Bullock’s remarkable Oscar-nominated performance. So, these life-affirming Spectacular Space Movies make you think of a man’s strength. It will live, of self-sacrifice, and of how endless the cosmos is.

“Lost in Space”, 1998. (USA)

"Lost in Space", 1998. (USA)

Once again set in the future, in the year 2058, when, due to dwindling natural resources. He said humans have no more than twenty years left to live on Earth. So, eminent scientist John Robinson and his family travel to the distant habitable planet of Alpha Prime to build. However, there is a hypergate there, through which humanity will be evacuated.

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