The Gray Man(2022)

The Gray Man(2022)

The Gray Man(2022)

The Russo brothers undoubtedly have their hearts on the good side, where all these veins intersect, pumping love for action movies from their distant childhood. To our delight. They later poured their youthful fascination with spy and sensational plots into the ground of the Marvel comic book world, although they were quickly copied into a colorful Avengers chapstick, albeit not devoid of a strong emotional charge. Except that Russo would probably prefer to fire the explosive.

That is why, for millions from Netflix, they made nothing less than a movie of the genre. There is absolutely nothing new to be found here, Evidently Russothey wanted to create an action movie by ticking off all the obligatory elements of a model sensational film. Hence, the idea and plot were safely taken from the books of Mark Greaney, who became famous as a continuator of Tom Clancy’s work, and it is so unobtrusive and populated by completely bland characters that practically nothing prevents the action here. And this one can be spectacularly explosive, the blows were probably measured with a metronome and suffice it to say that it is not even a fight and shooting in a military transport plane that is the clou here. Russo ran like nothing from stage to stage (although that could be a wrong conclusion since the movie lasts over two hours), cutting the corners just to be able to tick off the next action of their dreams.

And I think they had a better time than the target audience, because “ Gray Man ” is an overtly egotic cinema with no ambitions other than staging a dynamic, loud and hastily edited fight or chase. And only Tom Cruise seems to get away with it today . On the other hand, it’s hard to underestimate this outright insolence from Russowho do not bother with intrigues, but serve consecutive portions of shootings until they come out of our ears. Because it’s a typical MacGuffin, a fictional excuse that drives the movie, and it has no meaning for anything. In this case, our hero, a government agent hiding under the code name Six, is to recover the flash drive with unspecified materials against his corrupt superior. This is when an ethical dilemma appears for our game: whether to remain loyal to the services or to reveal our sins. The answer to this question quickly falls to the background, however, and we are left with a testosterone duel.

Six is 窶銀€蟻 typical alpha male, but the silent type who seduces not with a flowery fairy tale, but with a tender look from under sleepy eyelids. This is, of course, appearances, because we are talking about a killing machine, a man pulled out from behind bars to perform secret and dirty missions for American intelligence. Ryan Gosling, so far not associated with roles that require such a high level of physical involvement, is an excellent man with a blank face, without a resume and character, sketched with just a few simple lines. Few people could get so much out of such a restrainedly written character. Chris Evans, on the other hand It’s a caricature playing the role of his nemesis, and I’m not sure if it’s intentional. This actor has never delighted with the wide range of acting skills, and here he tries to mask the shortcomings with his cartoon mustache, but it does not help much. A cheerful sociopath in his performance, a man whose services call for cleaning up those who clean up, falls pale, not even for a moment feeling any terror from him.

They made a film that is technically very efficient and formally flawless, but quite empty, as if their hearts, once beating for action movies, could not get along with their minds. The typically corporate approach to cinema won. We received a supposedly correct, seemingly solid, but only partially correct product. One would like to add that to watch and forget, but Greaney has so far written a dozen novels about the Six. And Russo will try to ensure that the investment is not wasted.

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