The Top 2 Films You Want to Watch

Being Astrid Lindgren/Unga Astrid

Being Astrid Lindgren/Unga Astrid

Denmark, Sweden

We all know Astrid Lindgren as the mother of Carlson and Pippi, two fun and wacky characters. But what was life like for the writer herself. At the beginning of the film. She appears as a teenage girl living in a conservative family in rural Sweden and wants to break free. She gets an internship. A newspaper, where she strikes up a relationship with an editor much older than Astrid herself. When she becomes pregnant, she leaves. She leaves her family home and travels to Denmark to give birth to her son Lasse in secret. It can because it is only here.

They don’t ask for the mother’s or father’s name. But the child had to be given to a foster mother. In fact, Astrid was left alone with the money she could earn. She put it aside to meet her son. although her life began to improve years later. The guilt didn’t let go of the writer. Who was determined to make thousands of children? to make people around the world happy at any cost and to give them. They are very funny little fellows I mentioned at the beginning. The film itself received quite warm reviews from critics, who praised Alba August’s talented acting.

Cold War/Zimna Wojna

Cold War/Zimna Wojna

Poland, France, Britain

At Cannes, director Pawel Pawlikowski took. The award for best director for his “Cold War” and also the European Film Award. Where the film itself was named best. That violin at the beginning of the film that black and white color scheme—everything draws. The viewer’s attention is drawn to the unfolding love story in an impossible post-war time of devastation.

He is the artistic director of the ensemble. She is a girl from a neighboring village, both from different backgrounds with different temperaments. But love does not choose whom it comes to. They met, as they would say now, during a casting call. However, she performs her favorite song, “Heart,” from the movie “The Merry Boys.” “What’s that song about?” he asks. “About love,” she answers. Like the whole movie, it’s about love, but in spite of it. The “Cold War” is already being called by critics. A movie that will become a classic, and it’s hard to argue with that.

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