The Top 4 Greatest Horror Movies With Soundtracks

Soundtracks Horror Movies

Saw: A Survival Game

2004 / Thriller, Horror, Mystery / USA

A little behind the leader “Saw”, the music from this film was remembered by 23% of respondents. This is the only 2000s movie soundtrack to make it into our rankings, probably because the main theme, ‘Hello Zepp’, is used in every movie in the franchise (there are 9 in total). The composition was written by musician Charlie Clouser, who played in such bands as Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, White Zombie, and Rob Zombie and participated in the creation of soundtracks for the films Natural Born Killers, Parts of the Body, The Matrix, Operation Valkyrie, and etc.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

1984 / Horror / USA

During his musical career, Charles Bernstein wrote music for more than a hundred films of various genres, but the soundtrack from A Nightmare on Elm Street became perhaps the most recognizable horror film of the 1980s. In a survey by the NST film channel, he was recognized by a fifth of the participants—21%. The main melody, reminiscent of a lullaby, sounds menacing thanks to the orchestration created on a simple synthesizer. The composer did not have the opportunity to record live instruments due to the limited budget. Synthesized sounds, a calm melody, and a slow pace—this is how fear was injected into teenage nightmares about the killer Freddy Krueger. For 35 years, the instrumental album has been re-released on different labels several times. The last one on vinyl in 2019.

The Omen

1976 / Horror / USA, UK

Composer Jerry Goldsmith designed the main theme of the soundtrack in the form of a church chant, inserting several phrases in Latin into it, perverting the text of the Catholic Mass: “Sangius bibimus, corpus dedimus, tolli corpus Satani” (“Drink blood, eat flesh, exalt the body of Satan”). Jerry Goldsmith, whose Hollywood career has spanned over 50 years, has composed scores for Planet of the Apes, Chinatown, Star Trek, Alien, Rambo, Basic Instinct, and more. It has been nominated eight times for “Oscar”, but has received the coveted statuette only for the soundtrack to “The Omen“. The composer himself was surprised because he did not even imagine that the members of the film academy would choose music for such a theme. However, In a survey by the NST film channel, Goldsmith’s Gregorian chants with satanic lyrics, performed with Wagnerian pathos, were identified by 18% of respondents.

Friday the 13th

1980 / Thriller, Horror, Mystery / USA

The signature whisper from Friday the 13th was recognized by only 17% of survey participants, even though. It is the most famous moment in the history of film music. We hear it as “Chi-chi-chi, ha-ha-ha,” but composer Harry Manfredini says it’s pronounced “Ki-ki-ki, ma-ma-ma.” Such an erroneous perception arises as a result of sound deception. A phrase in two syllables was recorded by Manfredini himself, and then, using a sound program. He turned on the delay effect. Since, According to his plan, this is the voice of Jason Voorhees himself, who repeats to his mother “kill, mommy” (“kill-kill-kill, mom-mom”). The theme arises when the killer appears in the frame or his presence is assumed.

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