The Top Five Movies About Chefs Relative

Chefs Movies

Julie and Julia: Making a recipe for happiness, 2009 (USA)

Julie and Julia Powell Good Movies – Top of the Best Movies for an Evening at Home is a young journalist who yearns for public recognition and genuinely wants to do something special. She gets the idea: within a year to repeat 524 meals exactly according to the recipes described in Julie Child’s book “How to Master the Art of French Cooking”.

Last Vacation, 2006 (USA)

Georgia Bird, played by the charming Queen Latifah, is devoted to her job as a housewife. She secretly wants to live out her lifelong dream of travelling to a luxury European resort and sample the cuisine of one of the world’s top chefs, played brilliantly by Gerard Depardieu. Then, one day she discovers she is terminally ill and in despair she decides to realise her lifelong dream – to have one last holiday. She has never been able to afford…

Cook for the President, 2012 (France)

Celebrity chef Hortensia Labory is invited by the President of the Republic to become his personal chef. Her authentic French cuisine will quickly seduce the President, but will she be able to overcome all the backstage obstacles in the presidential palace and ignore them? The fierce jealousy of her colleagues without consequences…

Taste of Life, 2007 (USA, Australia)

Professional chef Kate Armstrong (Catherine Zeta-Jones) approaches the task of cooking with an overpowering sense of responsibility and self-love. However, after a sudden tragedy with her in-laws’ family. She becomes the guardian of her orphaned niece, and from that moment on, the successful woman’s life changes dramatically…

Chef, 2012 (France, Spain)

A light comedy about a young aspiring chef who desperately tries to change. The lifestyle and preferences of an already famous “star” chef, brilliantly played by Jean Reno.  You’ll see how stubbornness and perseverance step by step turns a young man into a true king of the kitchen!

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