The Top Magician Movies For Night-Time Watching

Magicians Movies

“The Illusionist”, 2006 (USA, Czech Republic)

The story of Eisenheim, an illusionist who mysteriously appears in early 20th century Vienna, crown prince Leopold and the beautiful Duchess Sophie. All of them will find themselves caught up in a love triangle, which only Eisenheim’s talent can break. First and foremost, this is a love film full of magic, tricks and unexpected twists. Yes, the ending of the film is indeed unpredictable!

“Prestige, 2006 (USA, UK)

Arguably one of the best magician movies with the stunning Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale. Because, A spectacular puzzle film that captures the viewer from the very first minutes and tells the story of a feud between two illusionists, each dedicated to their lives to outdo their rival. A must-see for fans of intrigue and unexpected final denouements.

“The Illusion of Deception, 2013. (France, USA)

The Illusion of Deception: Another motion picture with an unpredictable ending. “The Four Horsemen” are magicians who gather full houses at their shows and also pull off incredible bank robberies using their skills. The police and security services are confused because they don’t believe in magic, and perhaps the audience will be just as confused in the film’s finale.

“Oz: The Great and Terrible, 2013. (USA)

A film to watch with the whole family, where magic and illusions are mixed in with real magic. Since, a prequel to the 1939 cult film The Wizard of Oz, it tells the story of circus magician Oscar Diggs, who is whisked from dusty Canazas to the magical land of Oz by a storm. As a real trickster, the main character uses his magic tricks to win favour with the gullible inhabitants of the land and become rich. However, the three sorceresses are very suspicious of Oskar’s magical abilities.

“Houdini”, 2014 (Canada)

Harry Houdini is a true miracle. He demonstrated tricks at the limit of human ability. So it’s no surprise that several film adaptations have been made about the greatest of illusionists. The latest is a mini-series of up to four hours duration. So, it tells the story of Houdini’s life and journey from a child from a poor family to a great illusionist of international acclaim.

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