The Way In Which Women are Killed in Films

Women Killed Films


2011/Drama, Crime, Action

24-year-old Kata (Zoe Saldana) is a professional assassin who chose the profession against her will. At the age of 9, she saw how a gang of Colombian drug lords dealt with her parents and as an adult. She decided to take revenge on the killers. Director Luc Besson said that Colombiana was originally conceived as a continuation of the film Leon, in which the theme of revenge is also central. Only a professional killer can avenge a girl who has lost her parents.


2018/Drama, Thriller, Short Film/UK

The waitress Annie (Margot Robbie) at the beginning of the film is not yet working as a killer, but she really wants to become one. She turns to a mysterious crime boss for help, and as a creative test task. She kills an already experienced killer. Several more men enter the next series of bloody events. The fatal beauty, Annie, appearing in different images, easily pits them against each other.

The film, which many critics and viewers especially noted for its original visual style, was released in our country under a rather pretentious title. Initially, it was supposed to be called “Ultimate”—this also corresponded to the theme of the picture, and did not differ much from the original (Terminal). However, after the release of the localized trailer, many commentators noted the play of letters, after which the distributor picked up the idea. Margot Robbie, when she found out about this in a conversation with Russian journalists, said that she liked the first option more and complained that she did not have the opportunity to influence such decisions.

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