This Season, We’ll be Watching These Film

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

USA, Belgium, UK

Tim Burton’s film has been awaited for a long time. Firstly, because it’s a Tim Burton film. Secondly, for two years, it was absolutely unclear if filming was really going on or if it was a rumor. And thirdly, because “Miss Peregrine’s House of Strange Children” is an adaptation of the first book in Ransom Riggs’ very peculiar trilogy. What makes his books special is that they are illustrated with vintage (and sometimes very creepy) photographs that the writer himself and his friends collected. It was these that served as the author’s inspiration for writing the books.

So, both the books and the movie tell the story of one ordinary boy named Jacob. Who has listened since childhood to his grandfather’s extraordinary stories about equally extraordinary children. Among them, for example, a girl who could hold fire, a girl who could fly, an invisible boy, and others. And, as you have already guessed, these stories were not made up. We recommend watching together with the children and just having time to read together with them the whole trilogy, which has already been published in Ukrainian.



USA, Japan, Turkey, Hungary

Professor Langdon is coming back! And again, with a new partner. If you’ve seen The Da Vinci Code or Angels and Demons, you basically know what to expect. And if you’ve read “Dante,” even more so. From Dante’s “Divine Comedy,” quest-style adventures, and a charming Tom Hanks saving the entire planet from biological weapons—all this in Ron Howard’s new film.

Girl on The Train

Girl on The Train

The USA.

Paula Hawkins’ 2015 book Girl on the Train was the most read in the U.S. and Europe. Not surprisingly, filmmakers quickly bought the rights and began making a film adaptation starring Emily Blunt. Why, in fact, a girl and a train? Because every day the main character, Rachel, rushes on the train, which actually becomes her life, riding and watching through the window for one perfect, at first glance, couple. Many are comparing The Girl on the Train to Vanished. The 2014 thriller starring Rosamund Pike has the same atmosphere of confusing mysteries. We hope this adaptation will be just as worthwhile.

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