Top 5 Films About The Second World War

The most brutal conflict in history has been tackled by a few renowned directors of movies. According to IMDb, these are the Top 5 Films About The Second World War in huge ranges.

“Black Book”, 2006. (Netherlands, Germany, UK, Belgium)

The Black Book film is a grim piece of cinema. The sickness of the 20th century is Nazism in all its nefarious forms. Director Paul Verhoeven takes no pity on his audience but offers us. A glimpse of the world through his angry and indignant eyes. However, the Second World War movies revolve around Rachel Stein, a German woman of Jewish origin. So, fleeing the Nazi genocide, she finds refuge in the Netherlands, where she joins a resistance movement. because Her goal is to find the traitor who murdered her family and seek revenge.

“Bombing”, 2012 (Netherlands)

"Bombing", 2012 (Netherlands)

“Bombing” is a love story between young boxer Vincent and wealthy socialite Eva. The daughter of German refugees from Nazi Germany. It is not set in Rotterdam in May of 1940, when a German invasion of the Netherlands takes place. The subsequent bombing of Rotterdam by the Luftwaffe on May 14, 1940, changed the lives of two lovers in Second World War movies.

“In White Captivity”, 2012. In white captivity, 2012

"In White Captivity", 2012. In white captivity, 2012

The film tells viewers about a real-life episode during World War II. So, on a cold winter day, two warplanes, a German and an English plane, crashed over the Norwegian countryside in the middle of a battle. The two surviving crews find a hut near the crash site, where they work together to survive. Throughout the entire movie, they help each other out, despite the fact that they are enemies.

“Flags of Our Fathers”, 2006. (USA)

"Flags of Our Fathers", 2006. (USA)

Clint Eastwood’s film is about the battles for Iwo Jima, which were the bloodiest land battles in the Pacific during World War II. The film is about American soldiers through their eyes. In the same year, Eastwood also made Letters from Iwo Jima. So, in which the viewer sees the battle through the eyes of Japanese soldiers.

“Haytarma,” 2012, Ukraine.

"Haytarma," 2012, Ukraine

Another Ukrainian film is about the tragic date in the history of the Crimean Tatar people—May 18, 1944. Because of the beginning of Stalin’s deportation of the Crimean Tatars against the background of the Second World War. When all the male population fought to defend their homeland against Stalin, it was. At this time, in the dead of night, their wives, older people, and children. So he was still in cattle cars for relocation to the same order as Stalin. Not only were there professional actors in the film, but many of the action sequences were with the direct participants of the 1944 tragedy and their descendants.

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