Top 5 Interesting Movies to Watch On Netflix


The Ritual


“Ritual”  is actually a collection of motifs known from horror movies. Although the story seems trivial, it is based on a bloody Norwegian legend. Four friends go on a trip to a Scandinavian wilderness to escape from everyday problems and renew an old acquaintance. When Luke discovers that he has little connection with his friends, he tries to end the journey as soon as possible. Friends decide to take a shortcut through the forest, which will prove disastrous for them. Men get lost, their food supplies are running out, and in addition, they come across ancient symbols and artifacts indicating rituals and sacrifices to something that still lives in the forest.


A little forgotten, but still a very good film is  “1922”  starring Thomas Jane. The story, based on a novel by Stephen King, showes the story of a farmer who admits to the murder of his wife, although this is only the beginning of a macabre story. And you don’t need to know any additional details. It is an intimate story that is intriguing and gives food for thought. Perfect for a winter evening.

Gerald’s Game


Gerald’s Game  is another film based on Stephen King’s work in our list. It tells a very simple story that can be summarized in no time. While playing in bed, Jessie’s husband chained her to bed and dies from a heart attack. If a woman wants to get out alive, she must start thinking unconventionally and find a way out of this unusual trap. Great, a bit claustrophobic but suspenseful story.



“Okja”  is an unusual fairy tale with a star cast, incl. Tilda Swinton and Jake Gyllenhaal. For ten peaceful years, Miji’s home in the mountains of South Korea is a haven for a great animal named Okja, who becomes the girl’s best friend. The idyll ends when Okja is kidnapped by the large international consortium Mirando Corporation. The company transports the animal to New York, where the president of the corporation Lucy Mirando is preparing completely different plans for him. Mija, without thinking, goes to the rescue of her friend.



Mudbound is one of the best movies in the vast Netflix library. He masterfully portrays the America of the 1940s. Based on the novel by Hillary Jordan, it tells the story of two families – a black one and a white one – who share the difficult fate of farming life in the Mississippi Delta at a time filled with racial discrimination.

It’s also worth reading!

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