Top 5 Netflix Movies For Summer 2022

The Gray man

The Gray Man

Let’s face it, “Gray Man” is not the best movie Netflix has produced. However, it is worth seeing it, because it is the most expensive movie! Without complexes, it could be shown in cinemas, and many people would gladly pay for tickets. Two charismatic actors pull the whole story.

Gray-Man, former CIA agent who leaves the service and becomes a contract murderer. The man goes to France to protect his friend. This one has been targeted by Lloyd, Court’s former intelligence partner and member of the oil corporation who needs Fitzroy’s head to complete a multi-billion dollar deal.


In a state-of-the-art prison, a prisoner who experiments, two inmates feel a kiss of love. “Spider’s Head” is a film based on a short story by George Saunders, We definitely recommend it.

Against the Ice

In 1909, a Danish Arctic Expedition led by Captain Ejnar Mikkelsen decided to challenge the United States’ rights to Northeast Greenland based on the theory that the island consists of two different pieces of land.

Leaving his crew aboard the ship, Mikkelsen and the young and inexperienced Iver Iversen embark on a journey through the ice desert to find proof that Greenland is one island. The mission is successful, but the return of the two men to the ship takes longer and is much more difficult than expected. “Against the Ice” is a great adventure film with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in the lead role.


Hardly anyone would expect that Adam Sandler would make a good, and at the same time not a stupid movie about the NBA. He did it perfectly thanks to the “Hustle”.

An unlucky basketball talent hunter discovers a unique player with a difficult past and decides to take him to the States without the team’s approval. Although there are obstacles in front of them, they both do everything to prove that they deserve a place in the NBA with one brilliant throw.

The Adam Project

Project Adam is a really successful movie starring Ryan Reynolds, which engages, surprises, and even touches. The movie went unnoticed, which is a pity because it’s really close to 2 hours of great fun.

The time-traveling pilot, together with the younger version of himself and his deceased father, tries to come to terms with the past and save the future. This description may not sound too spectacular, but it’s worth watching.

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