Top 6 Most Beautiful Movies of All Time Online

Inspired by the cinematic Here is a list of the Top 6 Most Beautiful Movies of All Time ever made on film. This list prioritizes graphics over narrative, acting, etc. We have provided the best 6 movies on our website.

1. Furious 7/Furious Seven (USA)

Furious 7/Furious Seven (USA)

Crazy chases, determined action, stunts, spectacular martial arts, and unreal adrenaline. All this in the seventh part of “Furious” is enough. But, most importantly, it is, of course, the theme of family and team spirit. In addition, the film became a kind of farewell for many fans with the performance of one of the main roles, Paul Walker.

2. Ex Machina (UK)

Ex Machina (UK)

Since, A continuation of the theme of technology and man’s relationship with machines, raised in the film “Her” (2009). This time, the story centers on a young man who is hired by a billionaire. Who has made a fortune in high-tech developments? However, the employee’s job is to spend a week in a remote location doing testing. A female robot, Ava, with artificial intelligence.

3. Sils Maria/Clouds of Sils Maria (France, Switzerland, Germany, USA, Belgium)

Sils Maria/Clouds of Sils Maria (France, Switzerland, Germany, USA, Belgium)

Since The character of Kristen Stewart (Valentine) is an ambitious and young assistant agent and personal assistant to the great star of the generation. So as an indispensable part of actress Maria Enders (Juliette Binoche). She is always there, quietly nudging the adult woman to reconsider her life. The film satirizes the film industry while revealing the special bond between women from different generations.

4. Welcome to Me (USA)

Welcome to Me (USA)

However, the plot is about a woman with dissociative identity disorder who wins the lottery and decides to spend all her money (that’s $86 million) on her own daily TV show called. Welcome Me, in which she’s going to tell a story about the years of her life.

5. Drug/Dope (USA)

Drug/Dope (USA)

Since In his film, writer-director Rick Famuyiwa tells the story of a teenager who dreams of studying at Harvard. But it’s the 1990s. So He lives in the gangland of Inglewood, where he has trouble getting out.

6. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (USA)

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (USA)

The Beautiful Film, like last year’s box office hit Blame the Stars, is an adaptation of a popular young adult novel. and tells the story of a seriously ill girl. Because the only difference is that Alfonso Gomez-Rejon’s film explores the problem from the independent filmmaker’s perspective. So, the plot of this film centers on a high school student, Greg. who tries to support a classmate who is ill with cancer.

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