Top 6 Movies About World War II Online

“Rage,” 2014. (USA, China, UK)

"Rage," 2014. (USA, China, UK)

World War II comes to a close. The American army is fighting its way deep into Germany. Because, somewhere on the front line, five heroes and one tank confront hundreds of German soldiers. His crew had been through many battles, and then one day, in the last battle, they lost a gunner. Don, Svyatosha Boy, Gordo, and Grady got a green fighter, a kid named Norman. But war is no place for wimps, and it’s up to them to turn Norman into a real man.

The Book Thief, 2013. (USA, Germany)

The Book Thief, 2013. (USA, Germany)

Unlike other films, we don’t see much military action here. The action sequence centers on Nazi Germany. The film is set on the eve of World War II when nine-year-old Liselle finds herself on Heaven Street with her foster parents. However, the frightened girl, who has had time to experience the loss of loved ones, finds herself in a family where her mother is like a storm cloud and her father is. However, a kind and sensitive man opens up a new world for her—the world of books.

Everything she learns from them helps her understand the events around her. So: the persecution of the Jews, the anti-fascist movement, humiliation, and hunger. And all of these, in the end, will be folded into her own life story.

“Nezlamna”, 2015 (Ukraine, Russia)

"Nezlamna", 2015 (Ukraine Russia)

This film by Sergei Mokritsky introduces us to the story of the legendary female sniper, hero of the Soviet Union, Lyudmila Pavlichenko. A Ukrainian who was born in Bila Tserkva in 1916. However, she accounted for 309 Nazi kills, a sea of mud and blood, life in the trenches, and her friendship with the wife of American President Eleanor Roosevelt. The belief that love is stronger than death… Read the detailed review here.

“Her Name is Sara”, 2010 (France).

"Her Name is Sara", 2010 (France)

Based on the novel “Sara’s Key,” this film tells the story of the tragedy at the Vel d’Ives when 12,884 Parisian Jews were rounded up at a velodrome in 1942 and deported to Auschwitz. In the story, American journalist Julia, who lives in France, collects materials. So It is about the raid for an article marking the 60th anniversary of those tragic events. By chance, she finds out that the flat where she and her husband live once belonged to a deported Jewish family. This is how a Jewish girl, Sara, from German-occupied Paris, enters Julia’s life. The tragedy at the velodrome is also recounted in another French film, “Raid,” with Jean Renaud.

Iron Man

Iron Man

USA, 2008.

It’s Robert Downey Jr. again, only this time in a sci-fi action movie. It’s said that the prototype of the main character, Tony Stark, was Elon Musk, the billionaire and inventor. So the protagonist of the film becomes a worthy successor to his talented father, having done everything in his power to make his company flourish. Because For Tony Stark, creating more and more sophisticated weapons of mass destruction has become a kind of entertainment. A hobby, the consequences of which he preferred not to think about. But when he is captured by terrorists obsessed with war and weapons, he has to reconsider his priorities.

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory

USA, 2007.

You’d have to do without this hit series about fellow physics geniuses. So, an excellent sitcom with memorable jokes and tricks, hypotheses, and crazy theories. And what about Sheldon Cooper, played by Jim Parsons?

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