Top 8 Romantic Films for True Romantics

We have recently experienced a lot. hate, terror, discord, and destruction. To make room for more of the wonderful stuff, it is time to throw the trash from the past out at the curb. All the Top 8 Romantic Films for True Romantics have one thing in common: love. They range from black-and-white Tinseltown melodrama that nails the Old Hollywood movies kiss to contemporary queer romances that make you cry.

“One day”, 2011 (USA, UK)

"One day", 2011 (USA, UK)

Once upon a time, back in their college days, Emma and Dexter, having spent their graduation day and night together, had agreed to remain just friends after all. After all, they’re so different: she wants to become a famous True Romantic Movies, buy a flat, and get on with her life, while he’s after fame, money, and fun. And all they have is one day every twenty years. After going through the pain, the disappointments, and the ups, and downs, they finally realize that their friendship is true love.

“Love is all you need”, 2012. (Denmark, Sweden, Italy, France, Sherman)

"Love is all you need", 2012. (Denmark, Sweden, Italy, France, Sherman)

This True Romantics Movies confirms it. Love can strike at any age, in any state of health, and in any state of mind. So, against the background of their children’s wedding preparations, the events catalyze their parents’ feelings. And the splendid scenery of Italy, a lemon orchard, only enhances the effect, forcing the characters to remember their youth and romantic conversations, and at the same time forget about business and ordinary everyday problems, plunging headlong into their new world.

“7 Days and Nights with Marilyn”

"7 Days and Nights with Marilyn"

Unlike Since No, this movie isn’t just about Hollywood’s sex symbol, blonde Marilyn Monroe. It’s not just her story, but the story of a British boy who fell head over heels in love with a famous actress and who missed that same love, if only for a moment.

“Love,” 2012

"Love," 2012

A film that will stay in your memory for a long time. An intelligent and intelligent woman fades before her eyes, loses her mind, and then becomes paralyzed. However, the burden of caring for her falls on the shoulders of her elderly husband, Georges, who can’t imagine his beloved in a nursing home. So now he has to live for two. Because it seems that after True Romantics Movies like this one, people begin to feel the difference between love and falling in love. By the way, the film won the Cannes Film Festival, an Oscar, and a Golden Globe.

“The Last Love on Earth”, 2011. (UK, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland)

"The Last Love on Earth", 2011. (UK, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland)

What if there were only one feeling left on earth? What would you want it to be: sight, smell, taste, hearing, or touch? This fantastical melodrama is not only about unsinkable love but urges us to feel and enjoy every second of life.

“Boyfriend from the Future,” 2013 (Great Britain)

"Boyfriend from the Future," 2013 (Great Britain)

The sci-fi plot movies, the time travel—it’s certainly unsettling for a sensible, adult viewer. But the strength of this True Romantics Movies is its heart and family. And love is presented in so many ways: with a beautiful girl, with his firstborn, with an always understanding father.

“Love at your fingertips,” 2012. (France, Belgium)

"Love at your fingertips," 2012. (France, Belgium)

“Love at Your Fingertips” is reminiscent of Bernard Shaw’s “Pygmalion,” with all the necessary ingredients: two men betting and a charming girl who still has a lot to learn. And, of course, a film with that title is not without its romantic side.

Paris-Manhattan”, 2012 (France)

Paris-Manhattan", 2012 (France)

A motion picture with, as they say, French charm. The main character, Alice, is a big fan of talented director Woody Allen and lives by his movies and wise phrases while her family has been trying to set her up with young people for years. But one day, the girl will have to grow up anyway.

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