Top Movies About Strong Women Characters

It still surprises me a little bit that action movies as a male-dominated genre. Kill Bill continues to be a film classic, Wonder Woman(opens in new tab) shattered box office records and was such a cult favorite that it received its own spin-off Amazon series. However, some men will always be men. Here is a list of Top Movies About Strong Women Characters to demonstrate unequivocally that women not only dominate the action genre but also pull large, cross-gender audiences to see them do it.

Kill Bill

Kill Bill

2003, thriller, action movie.

The first installment of Quentin Tarantino’s iconic trilogy is a classic of modern filmmaking. However, Uma Thurman’s heroine, nicknamed “Black Mamba,” is a hired killer who decides to leave her criminal past behind. It starts a normal family, gets married, and has a baby. But the day that was supposed to be the happiest of her life suddenly turns into a terrible nightmare. So, her former “colleagues,” led by Bill, the boss of their gang, show up at the wedding. They kill the groom and the guests and shoot the pregnant Black Mamba herself.

After lying unconscious for four years, the Women’s Will Power Films girl wakes up in the hospital. Despite her grave condition and long coma, she remembers perfectly well to whom she owes the fact that now she has no family or friends. So, The heroine begins her revenge by tracking down every gang member who was in the church that day and brutally killing him. She intends to destroy each of them, one by one until she gets to the one who set it all up–Bill, who won’t let go of the best of the gang, Black Mamba.

If Beale Street Could Talk

If Beale Street Could Talk

2018, drama, melodrama.

The love and separation story of dark-skinned sculptor Fonny and his pregnant bride, Dishes, me. When Fonny is a prisoner on false charges, Tish and her family begin an uphill battle for justice. So, A romantic drama based on the novel of the same name by African-American writer and civil rights activist James Baldwin, by “Moonlight” director Barry Jenkins. Because the film received three Oscar nominations in 2009 and brought a gold statuette to actress Regina King. Early 1970s America.

Coming from a poor “black” neighborhood, Fonny and Tish were inseparable from early childhood. The years their friendship grew into their first and only love. Before they could marry, the young couple fell prey to a racist policeman. Women’s Will Power Films found a way to put Fonny behind bars for a long time. The 22-year-old African-American is accused of rape without evidence, while the 19-year-old Tish, meanwhile, learns that she is pregnant. Neither she nor her family turn their backs on Fonny or give up. So, Tish’s mother decides to find and appeal for mercy to the woman who mistakenly made Fonny the perpetrator of her misfortune.

The Girl in the Spider’s Web

The Girl in the Spider's Web

2018, thriller, detective.

In the world of modern technology, those people who know how to hack into various systems are very valuable. However, this can bring enormous funds and influence. Historian Lisbeth Salander is just one of those people. Since then, she has been a certain professor for protection from a certain Professor Bolder, who wants to protect his life’s work. In addition, the troublemaker is also the notorious journalist Mikael Blomkvist, who works for Millennium magazine. No one had any idea what kind of danger all these heroes would find themselves in.

Women’s Will Power Films would be threatened by very clever cybercriminals “spiders.” Their goal is to terrorize Stockholm and all of Sweden and in particular Blomkvist and Salander. The latter will do everything possible to prevent this from happening.

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