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Amazing Dance movies have a huge following at the box office and in mainstream culture, and they’ve given us some of the most memorable moments in cinema history, celebrating life and love. Take a look at Top Movies With Amazing Dances of the most well-known dancing films from around the world.

Burlesque (2010)

A Bohemian musical starring Christina Aguilera and Cher. A simple and straightforward plot about a young girl with an incredible voice who goes to the big city in order to conquer it is combined with incredible musical performances.

Everything is perfect here: the mood, the style, the songs and dances of the characters, and the voice of a young Christina Aguilera. And, of course, Cher, who is simply impossible to tear yourself away from.

La La Land (2016)

An Oscar-winning musical starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling that doesn’t leave you indifferent. Especially if you like musicals. The main character, Mia, serves coffee in the studio cafeteria and dreams of becoming a second Ingrid Bergman, but so far she has nothing but failures.

Sebastian dreams of his own bohemian jazz cafe but plays simple tunes for the restaurant patrons. They meet by chance, and then they will meet more than once, fall in love, and dream together of making all their desires come true. But are such grand ambitions and quiet family dinners compatible? What to choose-popularity among the masses or obscurity and a true vocation?

Dirty Dancing (1987)

Cult melodrama starring Patrick Swayze, about the union of two very different people, from different walks of life, made possible by music and dancing.

It was “Dirty Dancing” that became the father of such stories as “Step Up” and “Three Meters Above Heaven”. Not only is it a touching love story of a “good” girl and a “bad” boy, but it also has amazing dancing and music. And it’s just really beautiful.

Super Mike (2012)

Once again, Channing Tatum is an amazing dancer in the movie, but he’s already doing a striptease! He, by the way, does not get used to it – before the movie, Channing just worked as a dancer in clubs. There is also Matthew McConaughey, a promising young and handsome Alex Pettifer, and professional wrestler Kevin Nash.

And there’s the story of Mike, who works at a construction site laying shingles by day and gets women excited at night at the Tampa Kings Club.

It’s a good story both in terms of plot and on the part of the terrific men who dance half-naked throughout the movie.

The Dancer (2016)

A documentary about Sergei Polunin, a contemporary dancer already considered the equal of Baryshnikov and others. Polunin joined the troupe of the Royal London Ballet at the age of 17, and at 19 he became its premiere – the youngest ever!

He has a reputation as a hooligan and non-conformist, unpredictable but completely unconventional. In 2012, during a rehearsal, he unexpectedly left the Covent Garden stage, never to return.

Now Polunin remains one of the ballet’s most in-demand dancers. But behind the high-profile facts of his biography, there is a personal story.

“Dancer” is about that. Sergey Polunin talks about his family, growing up and independent life in London, and about upcoming projects.

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