Top Must-Watch Movies of 2021

Top 2021 Movies

The Eternals (UK, US)

Duration: 157 min.

Budget: $200,000,000 No matter what happens in the world, one thing remains the same. The most profitable Marvel comics series in history continues to come out regularly, and the upcoming ” Eternals” is already the third film in 2021 from this franchise. Even the third and a half, mindful of the post-credits scene in Venom. The twenty-sixth episode will focus on the so-called “Eternals”. An immortal race of demigods who were awakened by the return of half of the universe after Thanos’ click was canceled. The difference from most previous films will be that the viewer will have to be introduced immediately to a dozen new characters whose names were not even mentioned before.

The task of introducing viewers to a whole galaxy of new characters. Celestials and Deviants—was entrusted to the director, Chloe Zhao, Starring Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Barry Keoghan, Gemma Chan, Kit Harington, Kumail Nanjiani, and others. It is also worth noting the ethnic diversity of the cast and the appearance in the “Eternals” of the first male gay superhero in Marvel films—Fastos, played by Brian Tyree Henry. The film received positive reviews from previews, highlighting its uniqueness and dissimilarity from other Marvel films. And how it will actually be, we’ll see on November 8th.

Red Notice (Netflix) (US)

Duration: 115 min.

Budget: $160,000,000 If you don’t want to go outside on cold November days, feel free to turn to Netflix. Since the new film from the world’s most popular streaming service can rightfully be considered one of the most anticipated releases of the outgoing autumn. Thanks solely to the stellar cast, which includes Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot, whose careers are now at their peak. A “red notice” is a designation interpreted by Interpol as an international request for the arrest of especially dangerous criminals in the world. An international organization is once again issuing A red notice to track down and arrest Sarah Black, nicknamed The Rook (Gadot). The greatest and most seductive thief in the art world.

According to the latest information, she planned the theft of the golden “eggs of Cleopatra”. However, An international organization sends its greatest and most charismatic agent, John Hartley ( Johnson ), to find her. However, the best Interpol agent fails—Black frames Hartley, and he ends up behind bars in Russia. Unable to lose, the greatest agent in the world is forced to go to extremes. So, he makes a deal with the second greatest and most beautiful art thief in the world, Nolan Booth (Ryan), who is serving time in the same prison. If he helps John stop Rook, then Nolan will once again become the number one thief. By combining their greatest talents in the world, they escape from cold Russia to stop the world’s greatest thief.

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