Top Summer Hollywood Movies of All Time

Top Summer Movies

Eurotrip (2004)

Scott Thomas is a local school graduate who needs help learning German, and it is for this purpose that he meets a German resident named Mike and begins a friendly correspondence with him. Moreover, he is absolutely convinced that Mike is a guy and shares with him his worries and problems he is having with his girlfriend. But he soon discovers that Mike, or rather Mickey, is an adorable blonde who really likes Scott. And now he will do anything to see Mickey, even take a trip to Europe.

Park of Culture and Rest (2009)

Due to financial difficulties, James Brennan has to cancel his dream summer trip. He is forced to take a low-paying job at a local amusement park to earn at least some money. But one day everything changes in James’ life and this summer becomes the highlight of his life.

Summer. Classmates. Love (2011)

Lola, or Lol as her friends call her, lives in the suburbs of Chicago like everyone else, skipping classes, chatting with her friends, partying and dreaming of true love. A trip to Paris is a chance for Lola and her classmates to go wild. Unrestrained shopping, uncontrolled night outings and a first romantic date are all in jeopardy. After all, Lola’s mother isn’t happy with her exam results, to say the least.

Pretend to be my wife (2011)

Protagonist Danny tells a story about his non-existent family and family problems in order to impress a new girlfriend. Suddenly Palmer shows a desire to get to know his family instead of just sympathising. Danny tries to extricate himself from his difficult situation and asks his charming work colleague Katherine and her children to play the role of his family to Palmer.

Formula of love for prisoners of marriage (2009)

Several married couples travel to a tropical island on a marriage-strengthening programme. And while one of the couples really wants to save their relationship, the others just want to have fun, but eventually realise that they too will have to work on their marriage.

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