Watch Four Films With Kids at Adolescence and Difficult Ages

Adolescence films

Speak, 2004 (USA)

This is a story about the life of a teenage girl who experiences a terrible moment in her life.  The main character Melinda tries to cope with what has happened and she withdraws from talking to people. And all because no one was willing to listen to her sincerely and truly support her.

Virgin Suicides, 1999. (USA)

In the Lisbon family of five daughters, 13-year-old Cecilia tries to commit suicide. It seems wild, because on the face of it, the family is just perfect. But when she brings her case to a close, the viewer realises that something is not right in this family. This poignant, sad story about the misunderstanding of parents, the indifference of the environment and the defenselessness of young girls in front of the adult world is already considered a truly cult film, beloved by many teenagers.

“Everyone will die, but I will stay”, 2008. (Russia)

A film that captures all the problems that are so common to today’s younger generation rushing into adulthood. The story tells the story of three girl friends who at one moment forget their promises, support and show a real rebellious spirit against the established rules.

“Something is wrong with Kevin”, 2011 (UK, USA)

Putting aside her career ambitions, the main character Eva devotes her life to the birth and upbringing of her son. But something in their relationship immediately went wrong… Years later, after her son has done something terrible, Eve, in an attempt to survive the struggle with her grief and sense of responsibility, will ask herself where she went wrong.

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