Worth Watching: Best Films Released in November 2021

Best Worth Films

Medea (Russia)

Duration: 139 min. Let us briefly recall the ancient Greek myth about Medea, which inspired the director Alexander Zeldovich when he created his Medea in 2021. Medea was a Colchis (Western Georgian) princess, a sorceress, and a famous healer who laid all her talents, beauty, and life itself at the feet of Jason the Argonaut, helped him steal the Golden Fleece (at the cost of her own brother’s life), and fled with him to Greece. The ungrateful lover, after a while, decided to marry another, which irreversibly affected Medea’s mind, forcing her not only to destroy her rival but also to kill her two children by Jason.

The tragedy of Medea has been repeatedly retold in literature and cinema. The most penetrating author’s look at history can be called Pier Paolo Pasolini’s film ” Medea” with Maria Callas in the title role-the only screen image of a brilliant opera diva (she does not sing in the film!).

Alexander Zeldovich transfers the action to our day. So, the princess becomes a kept woman with a diabolical off-scale libido ( Tinatin Dalakishvili ) and two children from her lover; the lover himself, a businessman ( Evgeny Tsyganov), wants only a normal home, a little compatible with the extreme exaltation, almost madness, of the current chosen one in civilized religious Israel. So, the masks endlessly changed by the heroine remind us of the ancient Greek stage; from her abilities in medicine and pharmacy remains the constantly mentioned diploma of a chemist.

Those who had the good fortune to watch this ancient tragedy note the extraordinary music by Alexei Retinsky, performed by the music eternal orchestra conducted by Theodor Kurtensis, and the brilliant acting, comparable to complete psychological (and physical) exposure. Available from November 4th.

Finch (Apple TV+) (UK, US)

Duration: 115 min. In a post-apocalyptic world, the earth has become one continuous wasteland. The engineer-inventor Finch is one of the few people who are still alive on the entire planet. However, he did not have long to live due to a fatal illness. To prevent his faithful dog from being left all alone, Finch creates a smart robot. He copes with everyday life without problems, but this is not enough for the creator; it is important for him that the robot learn to understand what it is like to “be human”. To do this, the three of them go on a long journey through the desert lands of the American West. However, in the director’s chair, one of the key directors of the already cult “Game of Thrones” is Miguel Sapochnik. Starring Tom Hanks,

One of the few current American actors with the kindest face in the industry. So, he was accompanied by Caleb Landry Jones, Samira Wylie, Skeet Ulrich, Laura Martinez-Cunningham, John Donahue, and Alexis Raben. The movie will be available on Apple TV+ on November 5th.

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